Good Chats #11

Our monthly Good Chats series is held at Sub Tropic Studio in Caloundra, and we have the brilliant Seven Miles Coffee Roasters on board to make us delicious free coffees on the day!


About the Speakers:

Ruby Donohoe
Ruby is an interdisciplinary performance-maker whose work offers defiant acts of sensitisation and is rooted in the politics of encounter. With a background in contemporary performance and a body-based practice, her work investigates humankind’s simultaneous radical alienation from and radical intimacy with the personal body and the ways in which this paradox is an important hinge in unpacking our conceptions of ‘other’. Her performance work proposes reimaginings for this relational phenomenon and the ways in which the live act implicates both audience and performing bodies as mutual co-creations. Ruby works with text, choreography, sculpture, installation, and participatory practices to create work for theatre, gallery, and digital spaces.

Alex Daffara
Alex is a graphic designer and the creative director of a colourful, irreverent and nostalgic fashion label, Tees By Alex.

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